Using Basic Python Syntax and Java Script

Today I am learning to compare and contrast two programming languages. For Java Script we were using Code combat, we use code combat to work on our coding skills I got to level 6, we also screencastified our work.

Next we learned how to use Python Trinket. Python trinket is another coding game like java script, The colours stared off (in this order) green, blue then yellow. I also changed the way it was set it started off with the top circle going of the top and it saying Lets Party! But now it says Never Give Up!

Is there really plastic in our water? Are we drinking our clothes?

Is there really plastic in our water? Are we drinking our clothes?
Listening to my teacher talk to us about plastic in our bottled water we buy, I thought to myself, how much plastic is in our bodies?
Scientist tested 11 of the world's biggest water brands using a special dye and they found plastic in the bottled water and how much bottled water have you drunk? I know I’ve drunk lots in my lifetime.
The test were done at the State University of New York. The studies show that the main countries are (these are international so not many are New Zealand In fact I don’t think any are New Zealand) Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Thailand and the United States.
What is my solution?
I think that a way to fix this problem is to reduce the amount we use. You don’t have to use plastic. For example clothes, some clothes have plastic in them and when they go through the dryer or washing machine some of the plastic comes out and then goes into the water. So instead of usi…

Cave Stream Adventure Reflection

The Cave Stream Adventure Reflection 
Everything was a blur until we started going down the track to the cave. seeing the amazing scenery was breathtaking, I had always driven past cave stream and thought to myself I can't wait till I go there.

Hearing the briefing I thought to myself how cold will the water actually be just really cold or ice? It was ICE!!!! Stepping into the cave was a massive wake up call. When we went through the deepest part trying to get as high as possible so we could stay warmer for longer but it was no use we were just going to freeze our buts off the whole time. Our teacher had told us earlier that day the rocks we were touching were actually made out of bones, which was kind of cool but weird at the same time.

When we were near the end that was the only time I got scared because in the videos it looks like it's on an angle, and in the videos, people were on their stomachs so I thought I had to as well but I didn't, there was a gap in the roof s…

Calculate 936 + 780 + 205 = By Pippa

Writing Sample

The referee can’t always make the best decision especially when there is no one to help them make that decision. Don’t yell at the ref they’re doing the best they can!

Refs can’t always get it right because if they could then they could see everything and that would just be creepy, but I am going to tell you an example as to why the refs can’t always be right. My class and I watched a video of the soccer world cup in the 1900, here's what happened. The goalie came charging at the german who was about to score the goal he shoots he misses but the goalie was still charging because he was in mid air just next to the german and he moved his shoulder and BOOM! The german was on the ground without three of his teeth and the referee said it was a goalie’s kick when the german was stretchered of the field and that was the final in the world cup. It wasn’t entirely the referees fault because he couldn’t see what actually happened, that’s why they needed TMO. (When you’re finished reading th…

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