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The referee can’t always make the best decision especially when there is no one to help them make that decision. Don’t yell at the ref they’re doing the best they can!

Refs can’t always get it right because if they could then they could see everything and that would just be creepy, but I am going to tell you an example as to why the refs can’t always be right. My class and I watched a video of the soccer world cup in the 1900, here's what happened. The goalie came charging at the german who was about to score the goal he shoots he misses but the goalie was still charging because he was in mid air just next to the german and he moved his shoulder and BOOM! The german was on the ground without three of his teeth and the referee said it was a goalie’s kick when the german was stretchered of the field and that was the final in the world cup. It wasn’t entirely the referees fault because he couldn’t see what actually happened, that’s why they needed TMO. (When you’re finished reading th…

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Rotation writing

Boom, Clash, Bang the sound to my day. You may be wondering why that the sound to my day well right now I'm in War where we are flying spitfires and dodging bullets, I'm Wing Commander and I'm in charge but really wish I wasn't given this job anyway I  woke up in the amazing, colourful, wonderful Snaztopia! There was a barking green chicken yelling at me to get up. "Bork get out of bed, bork get out of bed, bork get out of bed, bork get out of bed you lazy slob " " Be quiet Mr Chicken" I yelled furiously at him, but instead of having breakfast like I usually do I ran outside still naked from sleeping in the shower and look over at the mountains and see bombs and planes, wait instead of being in Snaztopia like I wish I was I'm in London for the war. I need to get out of here before I get trapped by wreckedge

My Emoji

I think this term went so slow just like a butterfly and my tongue is out because I like pulling silly faces at the end of term. This term was crazy check out my term reflection check out this link to Build Your Wild Self

Length Conversions 2 Lesson Number 2537 ON Maths buddy ft Sammi

Lesson Number 2537 on Maths buddy

Hollyford Road Opinion

Hollyford road opinion I want the road

Hollyford road is that road just up there can we please go and have a look.

That is what could be happening if the road was built. There could be a law only a scenic road no mines and no cutting down trees, (well something like that anyway.) here is a picture of what you could have a road to.
The Fiordland National park is the most scenic place in New Zealand don't you want to show that off?

Why wouldn’t you want to show off all of this beautiful nature oh because someone could come and cut down the trees or start a mine but actually they would only build a few hotels in the millford sound.
This was for social studies and I was put on the side that wanted to build the road.